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Marketing Strategy

Do you have high expectations? Perfect. So do we...

At Exclusive Calgary Real Estate, we have an unmatched marketing approach. In addition to offering basic marketing services, we will build a customized marketing plan for your home that is tailored to reach the most relevant and qualified real estate buyers through digital and social media marketing, mobile apps, print marketing and local publication exposure. We will showcase your home to an expansive network of quality buyers and investors alike while offering the highest calibre of service and using the most up-to-date technology and marketing tools available. Kaitlyn Gottlieb thoroughly evaluates every home she lists and educates her clients on where to best put their time & resources to maximize the sale price. We are here to take your residence to the next level. 

We commit to regular and transparent communication with every single one of our clients. From the moment you list your homes with us, you will receive regular updates on the results of your marketing; from the number of potential buyers who visit your open house, to the number of people who view your listing online, as well as access to feedback we receive after showings of your property. 

Professional Staging To create professional and highly aesthetic spaces, we will be using our staging services. Achieving a neutral design aesthetic with seasonal pops of colour will encourage appeal. 

Professional Photography When you list your home with Exclusive Calgary Real Estate, a professional photography session will be arranged and the images will be used in print, video and digital use. Hiring a highly experienced and seasoned professional in the world of real estate photography is of utmost importance because in today’s digital age, 85% of canadians who search for a home start their search on the Internet*.
In order to capture the full potential of your property, it is imperative that your residence is represented to wow viewers and potential buyers. Ensuring gender neutral and minimal decor, clean spaces, tidy landscaping and good lighting will all represent a visual lifestyle through photography, a lifestyle that any potential buyer can easily see themselves in.
Not only will professional photographs capture the attention of online viewers, the use of hi-resolution images will considerably increase the appearance and quality of all marketing for your property (print and social media marketing).

*Taken from

Personalized Print Marketing Plan Exclusive Calgary’s custom designed, full colour luxury brochures will specifically highlight your home’s unique beauty. Professionally printed on top quality stock, these brochures will be for use in open houses and private showings. Downloadable versions of the one page format will be available on my website, and can be printed for your convenience.
a) 1 page brochure, double sided    b) 4 page brochure
    c) 8 page brochure

Custom designed, full colour flyers advertising your property will be posted online on various social media platforms & printed on high quality stock for distribution and postings:
a) Coming Soon    b) For Sale/Just Listed    c) Open house    d) Just Sold

Other print exposure (for mail distribution and open houses) includes: Door hangers, Postcards, Tri-fold Brochures and Poster boards


Professional Print Marketing:
1. Will ensure that potential buyers remember your property by sending them home with a beautiful custom designed flyer as a momento
2. Will Utilize hi-res pictures and showcase unique and memorable qualities of your home

3. Will create positive first impressions for potential buyers & future clients
4. Will show potential buyers your dedication & pride for your listing and brand

Social Media & Digital Marketing Approach Social media marketing will include postings to the company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Your residence will be listed on the Century 21 Bamber, Century 21 Canada and Exclusive Calgary websites. My listings will also appear on digital apps & mobile versions of these sites. Your property will appear on the Exclusive Calgary Google + Page, the MLS, Calgary Real Estate Board and databases, extending your exposure to reach thousands across Canada. 


Video Marketing Property Showcase Videos for local and international marketing take your residence to the next level. Broadcasted to highlight your homes unique and gorgeous features, video media marketing gives the well deserved attention your listing deserves to a multitude of qualified buyers. My videos will be viewable on, and shared to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

ECRE Outdoor Signage Advertise your home using Exclusive Calgary outdoor signage that are professionally designed to attract attention of passersby. Not only do outdoor signs attract attention of the neighbours and those driving in your community, they attract based on their design- sleek & professional with large print is important to grab attention!

Open Houses Opportunities for potential buyers to walk-through your home, and to generate traffic and buzz through the neighborhood. Once your home is listed on the market, I will advise you on how showings and open houses fit into the marketing and selling strategy and will work with you to facilitate them. I will also provide you with feedback on your property from prospective buyers so you can adjust the presentation of your home or its price, accordingly. To optimize the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers and investors, it’s important to ensure that your home is presented in the best possible light.


For more information on any of these services, contact Kaitlyn at 403-970-5397.

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