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$225,000 - $450,000
GCC or 65 award units
within a calendar year

Closing the Deal

The closing or completion day is the day the buyer takes legal possession of the property.


You will need to select a lawyer to help you complete the sale. If required, I can provide recommendations, and provide the lawyer with a signed copy of the Real Estate Purchase Contract. As closing day nears, I, together with your lawyer and lender will monitor the progress of your sale transaction to ensure there are no last minute issues and concerns. You will need to arrange to meet with your lawyer before the completion date to review and sign documents. Remember to bring photo identification and a personal cheque to the meeting to pay for legal costs, etc.

Completion (Closing) Day

On completion day, legal ownership of your property will be transferred to the purchaser. Your lawyer will receive funds for the sale from the purchaser’s lawyer, and your lawyer will provide you with a Statement of Adjustments. The Statement of Adjustments itemizes all costs payable at completion, including legal fees, taxes and other completion costs. Finally, funds will be used to discharge your mortgage, if applicable, with any remaining proceeds transferred to you in the form of a bank draft or solicitor’s trust cheque.

Closing Costs

Closing costs associated with selling a home include tax and utility adjustments, real estate commissions, mortgage discharge fee, capital gains tax (if applicable) and legal fees, etc.

Possession Day

On possession day, I will also help you coordinate the handing over of keys to the purchaser.

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